Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Taking just a moment....

to connect with all of you who follow my blog.  Pictures of our vacation have come to a conclusion, but the memories will sustain me until the next time.......which by the way is today.  Off to beautiful Zermatt which is in the mountains and will be 10 degrees cooler.  It was in the upper ninety's here in the Salt Lake Valley yesterday, so that will be a pleasant change.  Also, I will be staying with another special friend, Kerry Green.  Life is good!
I had a chat with my son yesterday, and he informed me that he has felt the baby kicking. He was thrilled!  Also, they are moving into their first home, and he was excited to report how great it was to mow his lawn for the first time.  A reminder that it is the simple things in life that are often the sweetest.

This is the photo of my latest creation still hanging on my design wall.  It will be called, Land That I Love.  It is now quilted and I am in the process of stitching the binding down.  I hope to accomplish that in my time in Midway...the little town where the resort is located.  My talented graphic designer is working on the pattern.
I'll conclude this entry, as I have quite a list to accomplish before the day is over.  My husband is leaving work early to help me set up my booth.  Gratitude is the word on the tip of my tongue!! :-)  He will make the load lighter.
"To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts".  -Henry David Thoreau
P.S.  Thank you for your info on the Dog Wood.  The reason I do not know about them, is because I do not believe they would do well in our climate.  My heart is warmed by all of you responses!