Friday, July 11, 2014

A visit to a friends house.....

I stopped by my friend Leslie's house yesterday and was inspired.  Leslie gets more done in a day than anyone I know.....yesterday her grand daughters were coming for a sewing class.  How sweet is that?

She has just completed piecing my pattern called Center Stage in 2 color ways.  She said she enjoyed the one so much, that she decided to also make it in 30's.  What a difference, you might not notice that they are from the same pattern.

I'm not certain what happened here, but the sashing fabric is a wonderful blue and white stripe which we found on our trip to Pa.  The print in the corner square at the bottom on the picture is a feed sack, which I picked up on my travels across Nebraska.  I used to make that trip every summer when my children were young......we would spend time on the farm with family......Oh! the sweet, sweet memories.  Back to the above quilt, the center stage part looks like cheerful flowers.

Her little grandson has been asking her for the past while, "Nana, do you have my quilt made yet?" this is a quilt for him.
 His mother helped in picking out the fabric.....a clean and simple look.

And Leslie has the binding all ready to go.......another bargain fabric we purchased on our trip.  It will really set the quilt off nicely.
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix
Hope you have a week end filled with sunshine, family and all that is good.  :-))


  1. It seems like both you and Leslie know how to use every minute in your day. Leslie your quilts are delightful.

    Norma, I love reading your posts. It's like sharing a lovely little visit to start my day. Now, off to use a few of my minutes.


    1. No time to waste......we're getting older and have a lot of fabric to use up!!!

      It makes me smile thinking of you starting out your day reading what I have to offer each day.

  2. Unbelievable the difference a change of fabric makes!! Beautiful.

    1. An entirely different result with the same pattern.

  3. Leslie is such a prolific quilter - wish I could watch her some day to see how she does it! Great quilts - amazing how different they look with different fabric choices.

    1. Leslie is up early and accomplishes much that is for certain. Plus she has time for all of the people in her life. She is inspirational.