Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Temperatures are soaring......

........and it's sizzling hot here in Utah!  It was 100 degrees here yesterday.  I wonder how we use to survive without air conditioning.......I'm here to tell you it's possible, because as a child growing up in the hot humid weather of Minnesota, that is just what we did!  We had a swimming beach where we cooled off, followed by a picnic which included ice cold, crisp and juicy sweet watermelon.  Now I've really set you up for this quilt.
My quilt holder couldn't completely hide behind this one :-))

A leftover watermelon slice from the front was used for my label.  I bought the pattern for this after seeing it made up in the quilt shop in Liberty, Mo. in 2003.  It's been around for a while, but I always look forward to bringing it out over the summer.  The pattern was found in a Needle Love book.

I put it over my bench with the watermelon pillow I made.
I received some good news yesterday.  My daughter Abbie and her husband Chad are moving back to S.L.C., as Chad heard from the University of Utah that he's been accepted to transfer into their law school.  The law school was ranked in the top 6 law schools in the country last year, so he's happy to be coming home and Abbie is bubbling over with joy.  However, she called last night to say she was feeling sad about leaving her brother and wife behind in Ohio......especially with a new wee one soon to join the family.  Kind of a joy and sorrow interwoven.  So once again, our quiet little house will be taken over by 3 little dogs and 2 cats until they find a place to live.  Bruce and I will be driving to Ohio soon to help with the move home, but also, to help Ben and Erin in anyway we can in moving into their newly purchased home. Busy times!

"Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years.  People grow old by deserting their ideals.  Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up wrinkles the soul".
Douglas MacArthur


  1. "Kind of a joy and sorrow interwoven"; well said. Our life's journey is indeed a quilt pattern!

  2. So happy for Chad. I know how much he wanted to study at UofU Law! Maybe we should have thanksgiving in SLC this year. :-)

    As for the quilt, makes me think of the seed spitting contest we had at our house in WVC...remember?!

    1. Thanksgiving in SLC sounds like a very good plan! As for the seed spitting contest.....we used cherries. As I remember we had some talented family members her were able to spit quite a distance, but also with good velocity!!!:-))