Thursday, August 7, 2014

A glorius new sunny morning.....

"And still after all this time the Sun has never said to the Earth, 'You owe me'.  Look what happens with love like that.  "It lights up the sky."
The move is almost complete.....and Abbie already has a full day of seeing clients at her new house.  When she contacted the people that had seen her regularly, they were overjoyed at her return.  The dogs will spend one more day at my house before they are introduced to their new house this evening.
Back to Barbara's wonderful quilting creations.
She made this charming little basket quilt some time ago.  Notice the detail in the corner.
The strips in this court house steps  finish 1/2 inch.  Notice how the strips in the light block were chosen to give the little gold stripe  Barbara is all about the details.

These are 2 of the items on her design wall....she is pondering her choice for a border on the first, and the second is still in the planning stages.  Large hexagons all in blue.

The alternate block in this quilt with the stars is really quite interesting.  I'm inspired by her work and think you will too.
I have a busy day I type this I have a little Chihuahua on my lap making typing just a bit challenging for someone who is already challenged with this sort of endeavor. Hope you have a wonderful day with time for needle and thread.
"Attract what you expect.
Reflect what you desire.
Become what you respect...and
Mirror what you admire"
brighton your

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