Friday, August 1, 2014

Good Morning!

The computer geek who came to visit from the Geek Squad informed us that we need a new computer, but he also reassured me that even though my pictures look crazy at my end they won't at your I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Last evening we all gathered to celebrate Grandpa Whaley's 86th birthday.  He is most remarkable and very self sufficient.  He often visits and helps me stuff patterns.  We were happy to have this special evening with him.  I forgot my camera  or I would be showing you just how cute he is.
Traveling across country with animals is quite a trick......for one thing you hope to coordinate when they all have to go potty and hope it's at the same time.  One time Tucker the little black and white guy became very restless and uncertain on the freeway right outside of Chicago.  So I tried to pull off the road as far as I could, and then I could be found strolling through the road ditches so that he could find just the perfect spot to do his business.

And here is Bruce taking his turn with the dogs......they have a way of wrapping themselves around trees and getting tangled.

And at Ben and Erin's new house, Mia has found her perch gazing out the window at the house across the street which also has a dog gazing out the window.  Notice the cute little white tip on her tail.  We think that she is already bonding with the baby, because she often want to lie her head on Erin's would be great if that were the case.
I received 2 quilts back from the quilters which I hope to get bound over the week-end.  And then I have been busy making kits and preparing to be a vendor at the San Diego quilt show and 3 day event which is held at the San Diego convention center.  Abbie will accompany me there so we should have a great time together.
"Burn brightly without burning out."     -Richard Biggs    A good reminder for me right now, because there is an abundance of activity going on around our normally quiet and tranquil house, which I am not accustomed to.  We enjoy each others company, but I sometimes need to sneak away and find a quiet spot.  I'll see you back on Monday


  1. Have a great weekend and remember to sit outside and watch your flowers and birds for a sense of calm. Breathe deeply.

  2. Good advise......that is just what I plan on doing.