Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lucky us....more rain.....

And how sweet it is!  Once again we slept with our windows open and listened to the falling rain and reveled in the cool breeze.
Last evening was our quilt group meeting at Elaine's quilt block.  The group was small because many our out and about with family activities.  Because the group was small we made our circle small and intimate and had a very good time.  I will have much to share with you in days to come.  Today I will focus on baby quilts and the prospects of baby quilts.  My next project for the new baby boy who is highly anticipated in our family, is to make new cozy insides for a basinet.  I purchased fabric last evening.
I chose this fabric, it has soft colors and the fabric itself it soft......just right for a new born.

Gaylyn has 3 new grand babies coming.  I love the vintage feel of this sweet little quilt.

This adorable fabric is on the back.....the curvy lines through the back is wording from nursery rhymes.

And a star quilt for a new baby boy......this has a wonderfully vintage feel too.
And here are 2 quilter friends ready to ride off in the balmy summer evening.  The are so cute with the top down, I just needed to get a picture.
Today is packed full, but I'm starting to get a few things marked off my list.  I look forward to spending the next 2 days in Springville, and I'll be back on Monday.
"Service is the rent we pay for being.  It is the very purpose of life and not something you do in your spare time".
-Marion Ulright Edelman

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