Monday, August 18, 2014

Art City.....

Springville, Utah, where I spent Friday and Saturday teaching is just the most charming small town.  The town has a beautiful art museum and that is where the quilt classes were taught.  Corn Wagon Quilt Co. is also located just down the street......2 amazing gems that are within walking distance of each other.  Presently, the annual quilt show is hanging in the museum.....but I'll get to that throughout the week.

This is the front of the Museum which faces the street.....a beautiful structure, which is surrounded by well tended gardens and sculptures.  The one in the picture is of a young boy holding a baby and with little sister looking on.  These sculptures I believe were the artistic expression of Cyrus Edward Dallin.  He is perhaps best know for his sculpture of Paul Revere.

The Museum has large wings off to the sides.......and these are filled with beautiful quilts.  The art work is changed every 2 months.

A closer look.

The inside of the museum is especially beautiful.....a wedding took place while we were in the basement creating and sewing.

This water apparatus is located in the central atrium area.


For those out of state, notice the mountains in the background.  Sculptures of this kind, which depict the west and the settling by pioneers can be found in various spots along the main street.  This all makes for a most unique place to live.

At the conclusion of the first day and all was being cleaned up, Kassi, Charlene and I posed for a picture with Garden Whimsy..........shortly after this photo, we found our way over to the quilt shop where I assisted in helping the girls build up their stash.  :-)  Later in the evening I did a trunk show at the shop...........I have other pictures of the class in action and posing with the Silent Night quilt which we did the second day, but I was unable to download the photos.  Maybe by tomorrow I'll have better luck......Marcia and Mary Ann from Corn Wagon wade the event special.  A delicious lunch was provided, and Marcia even made home made raspberry ice cream.  Everyone in the class received a free gift, plus a discount at the quilt shop.
"There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self."
Aldous Huxley


  1. So glad you had a happy and productive weekend! I love those inside windows set on an angle. Beautiful little town. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great place, great view, just awesome - love the history, building, mountains and the quilt. God bless our country.