Friday, August 29, 2014

The ealy bird gets the....

The first responder to   will receive the fabric.  A reminder that this is Penny Rose fabric by Riley Blake.

Beth, a friend and quilter who comes to our quilt group which meets at Elaine's Quilt Block, brought this little treasure which she is hand quilting.  If you notice at the top left corner.......well, her little new puppy chewed out the batting.  And this little guy sun bathing in the picture below, was naughty in a similar way.  When he was a new baby, Abbie and I took him with us for an afternoon Sunday nap.  While we were peacefully sleeping.....he became bored, snuck off the bed and we woke up to a bunch of ferociousness.  He was the winner in a fight with my rabbit pillow made from an antique quilt.  There was pillow stuffing all about the room.
And those are some cute shoes in the picture!:-)

You can see Abbie's shadow taking the picture......on her deck in Ohio.  You can see a bit of green on the boards, that is moss......Akron, Ohio gets more rainfall per year than Seattle.

Valerie brought this sweet and charming 9 patch.  This quilt is done straight across in rows.  A nine patch block and an hourglass block......clever!
Julie also discovered this treasure along with the quilt I showed yesterday.
I wonder is it officially Fall now that football has started? We watched the U of Utah game last night with our son in law eve.  Abbie teaches on Thursday evenings so we had burgers and cheese fries and finished it off with chocolate chip cookies which I had made.  The results of the game were excellent and the game was predetermined by the end of the third quarter so we went home and beat the traffic rush.
"All I have teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen".
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Have an enjoyable week-end.


  1. I've got a stack of nine patches I'd been debating how to set them for a quilt. Love the look of the one you shared!

  2. Really like the nine patch and hour glass! The little guy is adorable; how could your heart not melt?

  3. Lots of eye candy today. The quilt that the dog was chewing batting on looks very much like wool in the picture. A nice design.

  4. I love that double wedding ring quilt...gorgeous and on MY TO DO LIST!!