Monday, September 1, 2014

It's Labor Day.....

A day off for the Labor Force....It is no longer appropriate to wear white season is now in full swing....the kiddies are back in school....and the campaigning begins...(oh dear! :-( )  If it's
 a day off for those who should be a day off for mothers for sure! I read in the paper that it is the highest day for retail other than black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.  So maybe you will be shopping today.  What ever your choice is, have a great day!
Tomorrow Abbie and I head out early in the morning for San Diego....we're excited, we've been working hard to get ready to go......and there is no doubt about it, we will be creating memories.  I look forward to spending this time with her.  She has been researching places to eat! :-)
The fabric went to the Quilt Whinny, from Illinois.  She is excited because their quilt group spent time this past year making Quilts of Valor.  These red shirting's will work out well for their endeavors for this next year.  The quilts are at the long arm quilter, but she will send me pictures once they are quilted.  They are giving the quilts to older veterans in their surrounding area.  What an inspiring thing to do.

Tis' good to be simple.....not a great picture but a great message.  This is in the sewing room of Leslie Ison and I love it.

And these things do please me charming.
Family tree.....a design I believe by Cherie Payne.  I love this and want to find time to make it.

And a photo of my little P.P.P. (perfect, precious prince).
"Work while you have the light.  You are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you".
-Henri Fredric Amiel

I'll be back on September 8th or 9th.

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  1. Enjoy your trip! San Diego is supposed to be a wonderful place ... so wonderful I know of a couple people that went for a visit and then stayed forever! Hahaha!