Monday, September 22, 2014

And....then there was wool too....

This post should wrap up the San Diego Quilt Show.  Next door to me was the Merry Hooker and her wool.  I took a moment to photograph her treasures.  Marita, Frieclman was encouraged to attend, knowing that wool is used for quilting as well as for rug hooking.

Beautiful bundles of color.


Love the Santa....amazing details.

Marita's purse.  A real eye catcher......hooked to perfection!

A few of her hooked treasures.

In time for the season.


An adorable folksy snowman.......I'd like to make them all.  Too bad here are not more hours in the day, but usually at the end of each day I am grateful there are not more, because I am tired, and ready to be in bed with a book.

Five Points to Live Happily
1. Know that after all, life is not complicate it.
2. Be generous in your thoughts, deeds and things.
3. Remember that things go according to your Karma....whether you like it or not.
4. Humbly obey the law of the universe.
5. Be positive under any circumstances.
-Eldo T Shimano Roshi


  1. I too often wish for more hours in the day but ... I too am all too happy to hop into bed with my book. I usually get a couple pages read before falling asleep!

  2. Norma- Your pictures are not there! Your comments are but no pictures. I really hope you can post them again so we can see!