Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Welcoming Autumn

Deciding it was time to rearrange and redo and embrace the idea of the fall season, I got busy.  Here are the results.

I purchased the lady sitting on the chair in Ohio when our group of quilting friends took a trip there to the Country Living Fair......also the string of gourds. I can recall all of the memories from that trip every year when I become reacquainted with these purchases.

Thanksgiving....to be celebrated every day of the year with a grateful, happy heart.


This pumpkin which I adore......came from Ohio on the same trip.

Every year when I rediscover this Maple Leaf quilt, I recall memories of a family fishing trip to Canada.  My nephew Taylor was a baby at the time and was in the crawling stage and busy discovering his new found freedom.  When he approached the threshold between two doorways, he would stop and ponder the situation.  Then he would crawl over in an exaggerated way as if he was really accomplishing a great feat.  I was hand quilting this quilt at the time.  Taylor is now 17, and soon to be 18.  Our quilts are all story tellers......if only some of these old quilts we discover could talk, they no doubt would have quite a tale to tell.  This is why it is important to label your quilts, and not just with the facts but what was going on at the time....or with a wonderful thought that you had at the time.  Our quilts will be part of our legacy.

The words on this quilt can not be read, but they are....The Heart That Gives Gathers.

Bittersweet in a gourd and Give Thanks.

Gatherings.....of family and friends....nothing sweeter.
And a costume for my new grand baby's first Halloween.  His mom sent me this today.  We have tickets purchased and are very excited about this momentous event.....no Quilt Market in Houston for me this year.....I have my priorities! :-)
"It is only by believing, hoping, loving, and doing that man finds joy". 
John Lancaster Spalding


  1. What is the name of your basket quilt pattern? Love what you do!

  2. Reminiscing...oh how I loved that trip to Canada! Taylor sure did entertain us. Now how will be graduating from high school. Wow!

  3. Isn't it great how a quilt can stir memories from the days when they were made? Your autumn decorating is beautiful and that little onesie is so cute and funny-- love it all!

  4. Beautiful autumn vignettes, inside and out! Love the cushion by the stairs, under the Thanksgiving pillow. It reminds me of an Amish sunlight and shadows.