Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

A perfect fall evening is in the forecast for all of the trick or treaters and I'm's a shame to have to cover up your cool costume with a coat.  This has always been my daughter Abbie's favorite holiday....but then they are all Abbie's favorite holidays.  But seriously she does love Halloween.  One year when my daughters got too old for the event, Katrina and a friend went door to door with a wagon and collected canned food for the food bank....and when Abbie was 16 and volunteering at the homeless shelter for families, she collected costumes for all the kids, and then a group of friends parked their cars down the street so that the children would have a place to trick or treat from.  All good memories!  :-)
This design has reached this stage, now I'm wondering if I should stop here of if I should continue and make a large quilt.  At this point it is 42 inches. What do you think?

This is a verse that I took a photo of at the last country living fair we attended.  I decided it would be my quote of the day.  We have hopes of attending again this coming September.
Enjoy your evening......and your week end.


  1. I like it just as it is. There is a considerable amount of applique on it, which takes me a long time to complete. It makes a very nice table topper or wall hanging. I can also see it done in wool applique. Keep up the creative work. Carol

  2. Great design, Norma! Love it!!

  3. I love your quilt the size that it is but I know that I will love it if you make it bigger. If you make it bigger then we can have 2 choices. Your designs are wonderful!
    Happy Halloween.

  4. I think your wall hanging looks perfect as it is...if you want a wall hanging, I guess a another border will make it a great lap sized quilt!

  5. Hi Norma, I love your quilt just the way it is, I wouldn't add any more. It could be a bed topper, table topper, or wall-hanging. Love it