Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More from Black Sheep Woolens

I've had a late start this morning.  Last evening we lost electricity to part of our I needed to wait for the electrician to come and put me back in business.  First I want to correctly introduce you to the talented lady behind Black Sheep Woolens......her name is Leisa Firth.  Leisa has this beautiful piece of furniture in her home. I needed to photograph it because my son works with wood and something like this would also look beautiful in my home!  :-)
Hanging on the wall above was this homey and charming quilt made by Leisa.

Leisa's home was full of this banner which I love.

Going up the stairs to her studio, we were treated to these artistic pieces, all of the things that make a house a home.


And....sweet little robin red breast....notice the two inserts of musical notes on the edge of the frame.

.....very cute fox and raccoon.
Sweet seasonal pillow....There were many kits as well as patterns available.
One of my very favorites......Noah's Ark.

And I especially loved this Partridge in a Pear Tree pillow.

And....more wool.  There were all size pieces to choose from.  Plus ribbons and threads and all sorts of other goodies.....a most enjoyable stop for us.

My new applique design is growing....I leave tomorrow for Ohio and I have hand work ready to take with me.  Not that I'll have time for such a thing once I am in the presence of my new grandbaby.  I hope my hands are kept busy with holding and loving this precious new blessing that has come into our lives.  I hope to return home on the 29th so I'll report in then, with lots of grandma tales!
"Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."   -unknown


  1. Wow how inspirational! I am so in love with so many of those projects, but especially the first quilt of the sheep with patchwork blankets. Do you know if there is a pattern available please? Shazy

  2. What a bunch of great looking pieces! I don't do any of this kinda thing ... wool ... applique ... but I sure like looking at it. I just have to ask tho, are there patterns for these?

  3. I'm with Shazy...would love to know the name of the sheep quilt!! What a wonderful quilt! And what a lovely home to hang them in!!

  4. Enjoy your time with Wyatt! Nothing can compare to this wonderful gift.

  5. Oh I just love the Noah's Ark!! By any chance do you know if there is a pattern for it? Have a wonderful, fantastic time meeting your new grandbaby!! What wonderful memories you will have for your trip!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your lovely home and Wool inspirations Leisa! Such eye goodies!
    Love how your new quilt is progressing, thanks for sharing your creative process.
    Have a great trip!

  7. Wow! What beautiful projects! Do you know if there is a pattern for the first quilt with the sheep at the bottom of the quilt by Leisa? I love looking at your blog - lots of inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Is there a pattern for the first quilt shown with the sheep? I absolutely love it!