Thursday, October 16, 2014

The adventure continues....

This photo is jumping forward a bit.....but I thought I'd include it today so you could picture who was on this adventure.  We've all been friends for many years and have had some terrific times together.  This was a marvelous restaurant recommended to me by one of my blog readers.....thank you Gayle.
We would not miss a last chance for Great Food, you can be assured of that.  We also found the best doughnut shop ever, and made two visits there.  Leslie is even considering making a 2 hour drive up to Logan to have one now and  :-)


A Quilter's Attic is a lovey new store in Bountiful.  It has actually been open about 2 years, but it was new to us.  I guess we need to get out more often and have these little road trips.

This was an eye catcher hanging on the wall.  I didn't get any more photo's here......I think I was too busy shopping.  I never did get my purchases put a way so I'll take a picture of the mound of goodies and show it to you.

On to Sweet Lavenders in Roy, Utah.  Peggy's shop is sure not to disappoint.  It is always filled with amazing artistic things which she has made up as samples.

I especially thought this pillow was cute.....I think it's been around for a while, but still amazingly wonderful!

Everywhere you looked, there was something wonderful for the season.


We were all over stimulated with all of the we found great bargain in the basement.  Old fabric that we've loved and had thought we'd never have again...:-)
"Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles it takes away todays peace."    -unknown


  1. Glad you enjoyed Herms Inn and I look forward to hearing more about your fun weekend - girlfriend trips are the BEST!

  2. Norma, you need to tell us locals the name of the restaurant and especially the donut place. Didn't you also find yummy donuts in Salt Lake? Hungry bodies need to know.

  3. I guess I have an obsession with wool. I love the pillow with crow and bittersweet in it's mouth, the one with oak leaves and acorns, and the white pumpkin with turkey. Beautiful! I looked up their FB page but no posts over the last year. Will save their number to inquire about patterns. Thank you for sharing!