Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I just can't help myself......

This picture is just so dear, I knew you would all want to see it.  Aaaahh Mom, do I need my picture taken again!

Snug as a bug.....ready for the cold.

Winter Wonderland put together and being quilted.......soon will be a pattern, and I plan on making kits.  Because there is nothing about Christmas, this will be great for all winter long.

I received my Simply Vintage magazine by Quilt Mania yesterday and was surprised to see Silent Night on the cover.......along with the Snow Buddies Pillow.  This magazine is once again chucked full of great projects.

Winter seems to be upon us....embrace it.....start a project, snuggle down under your favorite quilt with a good book, and put a pot of soup on to simmer and make the house smell divine!
"A year from now, you may wish you had started TODAY.
-Karen Lamb
"The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.  The second best time is today"
-Chinese Proverb


  1. Sweet little love!
    Kits! When????? I'm alerting friends!

  2. Your grandson is sooo cute!!! So happy you are now holding him! :-) And I love your patterns: I bought one of them at PIQF last month, "Pick your Flowers". I especially love the birds on it! And I love your Star Garden quilt too (fantastic birds also!!), so that is on my "Next" list!! Have a great day!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  3. What a little sweetie! I have Simply Vintage on preorder at the quilt shop--it looks like an awesome issue!