Monday, December 1, 2014

Home Again......

Our trip was short and sweet......and our baby oh so adorable!
Wyatt with a bad hair day......we had just taken off his hat.

Me with a bad hair day too!  Actually our suitcase hadn't gotten there yet.....thank goodness I had thrown a hat into my carry on bag.

This is the morning where Wyatt and I were having a heart to heart chat.....and he gave me a bunch of smiles.
Winter Wonderland is back from the quilter, is bound and ready to go.  The pattern has been written, and is being proof read and will be available any day.  The kits are cut and will be available on my web site sometime in the next couple of days.  The great thing about this quilt is that it is appropriate for all winter long.

The quilt is made with cotton fabrics, with just a few little wool embellishments.

I have an extra Simply Vintage magazine, and would like to share it.  It will be given to the first person who emails me their name and address to


  1. I'd love the Simply Vintage magazine.

  2. What a wonderful time of year to experience a first grandchild! What a treasure to spend special time with him.

  3. I finally found that magazine in Houston and looking for a local vendor. I'm sure yours is already gone but I can hope.

  4. Ohhhhh...I am SEW making this quilt!! LOVE it!! The quilting is exquisite!! And the baby...precious! Absolutely perfect...and look at all that hair!! Your cup runneth over!

  5. What a beautiful baby, nothing like being a grandma.
    I tried mailing but it got sent back to me.
    THe quilt came out beautifully.


  6. I am sure my daughter would love a copy of the magazine if it's still available please?

  7. If the magazine is still available I would love to take it off your hands!! Would it be possible to pre-order the kit for the winter wonderland quilt? Thanks

    Carey Kepley

  8. Wyatt is so adorable--I need to have a serious talk with my two sons about making me a Gradma!

  9. Wyatt is adorable! Love this Winter Wonderland quilt! Just sent an email for a chance on the Simply Vintage... thanks so much!