Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I know it's time to put fall to bed and bring out winter, but I'm dragging my feet.  It seems like I just was excited about autumn....time has been flying by much too fast.  We have snow in the mountains, in fact enough for the skiers but it has been quite balmy down here in the valley.
Field of Flowers is finished.  Now I'll be working on the pattern.  I've been more in the mood to sew and create than decorating.  It also is so satisfying to put the finishing touches on projects I've been working on.

And, the label is on the back.....with a little thought...."No one has ever became poor by giving."  Anne Frank.  In this season of gift giving, it's important to remember the most important gift we can give is OUR TIME.

Before we left for Ohio, our little quilt group met and here is the quilt Trudy has been hand quilting.
What a treasure this quilt will be.....all of the little baskets hand appliqued and now hand quilted.  I absolutely love the quilt I made like this......in fact we sleep under it at night.

A close up look....

Leslie has been making these retro looking pot holders.  They are nice and thick, but so fat that you can't use them.
Thank you to all of you wonderful readers for entering to win the Simply Vintage magazine.  Some of you mentioned trying to find the magazine.......I would think since Barnes and Nobles carry the Quilt Mania subscription, that if enough people requested this one, they might start carrying it also.  And thank you to everyone for telling me how cute baby Wyatt is.......this grandma tend to agree whole heartedly.
Yesterday a reader who goes by Susie Floozie sent me the best quote......"If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness.  It will change your life mightily."
Enjoy your day!  :-)


  1. Your Field of Flowers is so lovely and the basket quilt is wonderful. Amazing quilts! Cute pot holders!

  2. Thanks again, I am really looking forward to seeing the magazine I love QuiltMania but have yet to see this one "in person". That flower quilt looks like it would look great with wool too!

  3. Congrats on your Field of Flowers finish. It's a beautiful quilt!

  4. Love your Field Of Flowers quilt, wonderful! Really like the basket quilt on the wall behind you, could you tell me the name of it, is it one of your patterns? Love what you do and share, thank you.

  5. I'm a little behind reading your blog and just saw this post! WOW...Field of Flowers is absolutely gorgeous!