Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Reflections of the past.......

I find myself in a reflective mood this morning.  I don't know for certain where the past year has gone, but it is now part of history.......and so life goes by. I know for certain that what has made this year special is the new friends I've made and the old steadfast friends who I continue to share my life's experience with.  Usually, at this point in the year I am busy setting new goals for the year to come......I'm sure that will come, but for now I want to savor the moments more fully.  Perhaps, if I slow down a bit, time will too......there is just so much to be enthusiastic about.......but today I'm in the mood to reflect and to savor life.
I have a dear friend and her name is Leslie.  I sometimes don't see her for a month, but I know when I do we'll proceed where we left off.......that is a marvelous thing.  She has made some inspirational quilts, and I've always admired her work.  She has been experimenting with new looks.....
Kind of a retro look, don't you think?  After Leslie hand quilts it, it will be lovely.


And......I especially love this one.....It looks old,  but at the same time it looks kind of contemporary.  It definitely makes a statement, and I love it.
"Ideas are like rabbits - you get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen."   -John Steinbeck


  1. You're right, Leslie's quilt have always been strongly traditional so these are a real departure for her. I have made a few modern quilts when requested by one of my children and it's kinda fun to break out of the mold once in awhile. I can't believe she still hand quilts all her projects.....

  2. Very retro looking, and I love it..