Friday, January 30, 2015

Love is the energy of life......

And Valentines Day is fast approaching.  I love looking forward to all of the holidays, especially the ones that do not have so much hype connected with them.  I've pulled out a few quilts to decorate for this time of year.
You can see the helpful hands of my most talented quilt holder.....:-)
This is a quilt I made a few years back which was in a Needle Love Book.  It is cotton needle turned applique on a raw silk background.  I'm always so happy to have it in my quilt stash.

There are a few little wool touches.

I love this border detail.

I pieced this heart quilt a few years ago at the quilt retreat at Bryce Canyon, the one where I will be going to on Tuesday of this next week.  I wish I could remember what book it comes from so that I might give credit......if anyone knows, help us out please.

A closer look.

And here it is on my bench with one of my favorite pillows made by my friend Kerry Green.  I always have it out for Christmas, but find any excuse possible to leave it out.......May Angels Keep Thee in all Thy the verse on the pillow.

A heart made from wood....and adorned with buttons.

This heart pillow was in the same Needle Love Book that the first quilt was from.
"Love is contagious.  When I share love, it comes back to me multiplied."  - Louise Hay


  1. I love everything! I have that Need'l Love book. Need to get it out and pick out some projects!

  2. Love this post- heartwarming quilts. :)

  3. I would love that heart pattern....please post when you find the maker...thank you Barbara

  4. Sweet quilts! The heart quilt looks like it could be a Country Threads pattern. I love your wooden heart!

  5. I love all the pictures today. The quilts are so pretty and the pillows too. Hugs,

  6. Love your heart decorations. I am especially drooling over the heart quilt. lol

    I need to learn to quilt!!! Enjoy, Janie

  7. Linda Brannock or Gerry Kimmel (red wagon quilts??)

  8. Linda Brannock or Gerry Kimmel (red wagon quilts??)