Thursday, January 29, 2015

Threads of Time

This little block is known as either the spool or the hour glass, so I combined the two when choosing a name for the quilt.  You will notice that down in the right hand corner of the quilt, you will see a spool wrapped with gold thread.....and all of the other spools have dark.  It is interesting to think back at quilts we've made and to what was going on in our lives when we made them.  Our quilts do tell stories.  At the time I designed and made this quilt I was going through a dark period in my life, and this spool wrapped in gold represents those who were pure gold who assisted me in looking up and forward.  Our friends and family help in the weaving of the tapestry of our life......then I chose the red sashing to depict the strong bond of love that unites people together.  Think about how your quilts tell the story of your life's experiences.

A close up....

And here it is placed over the back of my favorite napping makes for a superior nap time experience.  :-)  And then this is the pillow I designed with the famous Shaker verse..."Tis a gift to be simple, Tis a gift to be free."
Many of you entered to win the random drawing today for the 'Love One Another pillow'.......the winner was Anna, and I do not know her last name.  I hope she sends me her address so that I can place it in the mail.
Sue H., sent me this lovely quote.  "Take care of your thought when you are alone, And take care of your words when you are with people"  Thank you Sue for sharing this wonderful advice with all of us.


  1. Our quilts are storybooks and testaments to our lives. When those dark periods come there is an imperceptible change in our process at times and at other times a stark contrast to our creative mind. This quilt is absolutely lovely, it has a "moment in time" quality that I think is wonderful. Thank you for your posts, I follow regularly but fear I am an infrequent commenter!

  2. I think your quilt is wonderful! I love your story about the making of it. I really like your pillow and the saying on it. Have a great day! Hugs,

  3. Love your quilt and love the story behind it!

  4. Lovely quilt and sweet thoughts connected to it. Good to remember the help we get in this life.

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