Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 3


When ever Julie comes to her family vacation house, she brings quilts to hang to make it feel homey.  You can imagine how much happiness it brought me to walk into the house on the first eve., to find these beautiful quilts hanging......all felt just right!  You will recognize this as being one of Kim Diehl's beautiful designs.

A close up.....

This charming Bear Paw design was hanging in the hall when entering the it!  This is a design by Katherine Hughes.

I love the wonderful cozy plaids that were used.

This quilt by Kathy from Cardiff Farms was hanging high on the wall above the stove which kept us warm and cozy, because the evenings and mornings were quite cold.  But the air was so fresh and smelled of pine....and a group of deer hung about.

In the wee town of Wamic which was near by, was this old country school.  I love it when communities save and preserve these things of the past for us to enjoy.

And the outhouse......couldn't forget that essential part.

This is the beautiful Tygh valley which we passed through on our way to Portland.  There are acres of grazing land with cows and their baby calves, also cherry orchards and filberts are grown in the area.  On a historical marker nearby this was written.  "After descending a long steep, rocky and very tedious hill, we have camped in a valley on the bank of Indian (Tygh) Creek, near some Frenchmen who have a trading post.  There are also a good many Indians encamped around us."
-Amelia Stewart Knight, Emigrant 1853.

Nearby we discovered and investigated this old cemetery......with some old grave stones.  I thought the heart in hand was interesting on this one.

Always so sad to see infant graves.....what hardship parents have suffered losing a child.

We especially found this one to be seems he was a pioneer who came to the area in 1853.

Here is a marker for a Civil War Veteran....The Grand Army of the Republic, from 1861-1865.

I found this one to be quite remarkable in that it was erected for Agnes Wright by the women of woodcraft. It would be great to have some back ground information about this.
And then off to the side in the older part of the cemetery we found a few graves with nothing but a pile of stones.....of course our imaginations really took flight.  Because there is so much pioneer history around the area connected with the Oregon Trail we wondered if it was marking the graves of early pioneers.

Near by was this historical marker.
Last of all, I thought I'd share with you lunch! :-)  We did add a piece of fruit, but it suited us just fine. Notice the extra butter!!!
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  1. I live just south of where you are in the Tygh Valley area (south of Maupin). I wished I knew and I would of baked you a cake. Enjoy your travels.

  2. That first quilt you show (designed by Kim Diehl) is a beauty.