Friday, April 17, 2015

Ameican At Heart......

.....In my mind, I'm heading back to Oregon.  While in Portland we visited a fantastic store that I'd love to have close by, but afraid that if it were I might be in trouble.  It had an enormous amount of tempting things. If visiting in Portland you will definitely want to check this store out.
There was room after room of unique and beautiful temptations.  On one of the beds was this basket quilt which I loved.

Julie purchased this charming antique cradle.

The store had 2 stories.....and everywhere you looked there was something of interest.

One room of weather vanes......and they all were amazing!

I worked at keeping myself in check!!!
I did purchase this sign that reads...."A Kind Word Is Never Wasted."  I found just the place for it.

And I purchased the candle holder and the candles.......treasures that will remind me of my trip to Oregon.  :-)
We've had a spring like day again today and most of our snow has disappeared and left behind bunches of good moisture.  There were reports of an additional 3 feet in the mountains.
Another week end is upon us and time continues to march on at a rapid pace.  Enjoy your week end.
"Abundance is not something we acquire.  It is something we tune into."  -Wayne Dyer


  1. What a wonderful shop! I am in love with the red and white basket quilt . It is just beautiful!!

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  3. What is the name of this fantastic store? I'll be in Portland soon and would like to stop in. Thanks!