Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mother Nature has spoken......

.....and this is what she had on her mind.  Snow!
And not just a little sprinkling of flurries, but some serious amounts.  Having grown up in the Midwest, Minnesota to be exact.....I am not used to having snow pile up several inches on a little narrow ledge like it does here.  We rarely have wind attached with our snow fall.

Spring in Utah is often like this......our spring flowers need to be sturdy to survive, and sometimes they are unable to rise to the challenge.  We are grateful for the moisture and the skiers are delighted!

The talented lady who creates my patterns on the computer is also a very talented quilter.  She shared with me this photo of her recent masterpiece.

The quilt is artistic and very lovely!

Her quilter did a fine job on the quilting as well.

Alisa, loves blue, and she dug into her scraps to make this design of mine called, 'Gathered in Time.'
Her quilt definitely displays the blue which she loves.
The quilt looks so cozy over the back of this doubt its available for when she needs to curl up with a quilt or to tuck under for a nap.  One must always have a quilt to snuggle under.
I have had the best time cleaning out my closet.  The back end of my car is stuffed with items that would be great for the women's shelter......and I do not need to shop.  I'm challenging myself to make do with what I have hanging in there now......especially when I can actually see what I have.
"Stop every now and then.  Just stop and enjoy.  Take a deep breath.  Relax and take in the abundance of life."   -unknown


  1. Oh my--I hope those snow clouds have petered out before they get near Minnesota! I need to do some serious closet cleaning too--I started on my pantry and laundry room yesterday, so I need a few days of recovery--lol!

  2. Beautiful quilts! I have just cleaned out my closet and I have a big bag of clothes to donate also. Spring cleaning has begun! Thanks for sharing the lovely pics.

  3. We had snow like that 2 years ago on Mother's Day weekend here in northwestern, WI. As maddening as it was, it was beautiful. Grandma Rita

  4. Also in the purging mode around here, or as a friend called it, "tidying up" ! Feels good.

    Beautiful pictures of the snow! Hard to believe out here on the Central Coast of California. It was in the high 70's today. Yes be thankful for your moisture ~