Thursday, April 9, 2015

Announcing the winners...... day to announce the monthly winners is supposed to be on the second Wednesday of every month.  Well, I goofed and forgot to announce the winners yesterday.  I have chosen to have 3 winners this month, and they are-
Karen Martin
Linda Ward
Sally Maddox
Please email me with your pattern choice and with your pattern selection.
Now, we'll continue with the show and tell.....:-)

I thought this star quilt looked like a great project to have ready to take with me and always have something little to work time for idleness!  This is a little ruler-template combination to make the star an easy-to-do project.

This Hunters Star quilt looks spectacular in red and white.

I didn't see the star in the background of this quilt made by Bonnie Miles, until after I looked at the photo.

Sweet and feminine are the adjectives to describe this quilt made by Amy's sister Roma.  She used a couple of handkerchiefs from her mother in the quilt.

Country and scrappy is how I choose to describe this quilt......the kind that will no doubt be put to good use......a napping quilt!
Beautiful, striking and artistic!

All kinds of goodness passed around the room.....inspiration galore for every quilters taste.

A cheerful Bee Happy quilt.

A striking contemporary quilt.

Be warm, be loving, be positive, be kind, be patient, be respectful, be honest, be prayerful, be smart, be forgiving, be grateful, be joyful......this covers about everything!

Golden Delicious apples with one Granny Smith tossed in for variety.

And my new quilt, Remember Me, quilted and ready to be made into a pattern.
The label is stitched in Place......A woman wishing not to be forgotten signs her name to cloth.
"My happiness derives from knowing the people I love are happy."  Holly Ketchell


  1. I am intrigued by the blocloc product, something soon to release? And I love that you used churndashes in Remember is a lovely pattern. You have highly tempted me to add it to my to do list!!

  2. What wonderful pictures, Norma! But I have to tell you that your new quilt is just so darn drop-dead gorgeous!! I will definitely have to make this one too.

  3. I forgot to ask if you will be listing the pattern for your new quilt in your shop and also if you will be kitting it...Thank you!

  4. I would love to get the pattern for remember me when its ready. Can you email me when you have it ready for sale?

  5. I love all your pictures! I will be watching for your "Remember Me" pattern to be available . I love it. The Hunters Star is beautiful also. Do you have a pattern or let me know which one you used. I love the red. Have a great day. Hugs,

  6. As soon as the saw the picture of your quilt (before reading the caption and knowing it was yours), I thought to myself, WOW, I'm going to have to find that pattern and make that one! Then I read on and discover it's your design! I shudda known :o) Love, love, love it!!!!! P.S. Do you ever sleep?

  7. Loving the show and tell from retreat - wonderful eye candy. Your new quilt is absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to get my hands on this one. What is your border fabric? Won't be long until Minneapolis and we can meet up at your booth.
    Hugs - Karen