Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The show and tell continues.....

....remember my comments about all of the talented women I was surrounded by everyday, here is some of the evidence.
More quilts from the strips.....all sort of good ideas!

Another quilt with the awesome aqua background......also, notice the interesting quilting motif.

I can only sit for so long, then I begin wandering around the room.....I wouldn't want to miss out on all of the stitching going on.  These strawberries caught my eye.

Gaylyn, who was sitting at the group of tables where I was, was busy sewing Autumn Sky stars from the class I taught.  And yes, the snickers to keep up our energy.

Leslie was busily sewing a scrappy Irish Chain.  She has been on a quest to use up scraps.  She doesn't want a stash accumulation beyond life expectancy! :-)  That is a problem for most of us who occupy our free time with needle and thread.

Bonnie Miles created this little bit of goodness which caught my eye.  I love houses in any shape or form, I just can't get enough of them.  Goes along with my notion that there is no place like home.

She has turned it into a needle keep to tuck into her sewing basket.

Here is the cute little caddy which Bonnie brought to the retreat.  The adorable felted flower sticking up out of it caught my eye.  Also, see the little container of a snacking item tucked in behind.......I seem to have a nose for that sort of thing.

This is the nifty glasses case she made.  We were all given one of these little Moda booklets with all sorts of good information.

I fell in love with this lovely applique quilt made by Julia Smoot.

She was inspired by this bit of wrapping paper.  There is inspiration every where!

Is this not a great child's quilt?
And a very clever back.......notice the bare feet....:-)  A girl after my own heart.  I would just as soon go shoeless most of the time.
"All the really great things in life are expressed in the simplest words; friends and family; purpose and meaning; love and work; caring and community; appreciation and gratitude."
-Dan Zadra

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