Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Miss Rosie's continues......

Good Morning!  Before I get started let me tell you how much I love these beautiful spring mornings........there is just nothing quite to compare.  When I stepped outside and felt the sun on my face, heard the birds singing, the early spring flowers in bloom, and the air smelling fresh and clean, I felt happily grateful to be alive!!!!!  Now with that said, it's time for Carrie's trunk show to continue
I really love stars also, and this combination of large and small is lovely.

This is a terrific design, I would love it in civil war fabrics.

I enjoy the simplicity of this churn dash......a good way to show off amazing quilting.

A gigantic basket.....can you see the amazing quilting on the gray background?

What a delightfully wonderful way to use nine patches....I love this one!

What a cheerful quilt this is.....really enjoy the arrangement of the fans.

Here are two different color arrangements.  I like how the background blocks are a variety of little background fabric squares.

My friend Diane finished binding this fantastic quilt design of Kim Diehl's.

And Gaylyn finished binding this quilt of her own creation......the color are so lovely!

Diane also finished the binding on this quilt which is from my design, Home Is Best.  Her own creativity came to life, as she replaced the wording with the courthouse steps blocks.

One of the fun events of the retreat goes as follows.  We were all to bring a gift of a certain price to give to our secret sister.  We all took off one of our shoes and they were all tossed into a big pile in the middle of the room.  Since there were 140 of us that was a bunch of shoes.  We went as small groups to select a shoe.  When all of the shoes were selected we went in search of the person who was wearing the one shoe which matched the shoe we had selected.........What a bunch of hilarious mayhem.  The sweet lady who chose my shoe presented me with this marvelous gift....she was very generous, and I was the grateful recipient.  Lucky me!
My 42nd wedding anniversary is coming up in May, so when I ran across this quote by Henry Ford, I just had to copy it down to share with you.  "Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success."  This of course applies to more than marriage, but for whenever we come together to accomplish a goal.


  1. Norma, today is my 42nd anniversary. I think your quote is so timely and accurate. Congratulations to you and your husband!

  2. Norma, today is our 42nd anniversary, and I think your quote says it perfectly. Congratulations to you and your husband!

  3. What a fun showing of quilts--I think the nine patch ones are my favorite. You really hit the jackpot in the exchange and that sounds like a fun way to do it too!

  4. Early congratulation on your wedding anniversary. Mine is coming up in May also, but it will be 43 years. I totally agree with the quote you found by Henry Ford. Thanks

  5. Such a great trunk show - thank you. Just adore those tiny 9-patches!