Monday, April 13, 2015

Miss Rosie's Designs.....

I mentioned earlier that Carrie Nelson was at our retreat.  What a down to earth delightful lady she is.  She told us that she has a difficult time thinking of herself as a designer.....I was glad she said that, because I feel the same way.  I just create and make quilts and am living the dream, doing what I enjoy.  Obviously Carrie feels the same way, and is especially thrilled to be now working for Moda.  It certainly would be a thrill to be involved with beautiful fabric.
I have a few photos of her trunk show which I will share today.

Carrie started out her trunk show with the Radio of my favorites, which I made a few years back in red, blue and creams.  I'll share it with you one of these days. :-)

A different color version.

She shared bunches of her little quilts. I love how the quilting looks on muslin.....there is nothing quite like it.




The goodness goes on and on.....


I really love the colors in the wee quilt.



 Houses, I just love them......I will continue Carrie's trunk show tomorrow.

Cottage Garden completed.....quilted and bound and labeled!

The blocks are 5 inches.......yes, that means the little squares are 1 inch finished.  I used mostly wool with a bit of cotton for interest.  The pattern will be available in time for market, maybe earlier.  I will let you know.

Karen Martin, hopefully you will be reading never sent me your address for your free pattern selection.  I emailed you, but perhaps you didn't receive it.
Hopefully you all had a marvelous week end and are starting your work week with a happy heart!
"This day is a journey, this very moment an adventure." 
-Rebecca Pavlenko


  1. Thank you for the lovely quilt show!!! Love the new pattern!!

  2. Beautiful quilt Norma! I plan on making this one when I finish my Sweet and Simple quilt!

  3. I remember when I could hop up on a chair like those young gals. :-) Thanks for the show this morning!

  4. Thank you for the show! And your new pattern is gorgeous!! Love it!

  5. So cute! I love the scrappy blocks, and the colors.

  6. WOW. Ill then all, thanks for sharing. I sew enjoy your log.