Thursday, April 23, 2015

Patriotic at heart......

.....and finding just a little bit of time to spend in my sewing room.  I'm here to tell you that it is no longer neat and tidy.  In fact I have once again created a big confusing mess.  Usually a mess is followed with something accomplished.
I have this large wooden bowl which hangs out on my table, and I like to keep it full for the season.  So in planning ahead for summer and in the spirit of loving having been born in the U.S.A., I created some stars and stripes kind of things to fill it up.

A couple of close up looks.  I'm not an accomplished fancy stitcher kind of person, so I used some stitch guides available from Sew Cherished, for the one large crazy patch star.  Dawn from Sew Cherished will soon be here for the quilt show and venders market coming up the first part of May.....the 7-9 to be exact.  I'm looking forward to having her stay with me.  Right after that we will be leaving for Minneapolis for the Spring quilt Market.
Todays winner of the 4 fat quarters by Moda was Leona Dukes from Kentucky.  I will have more fabric to give away in the near future.
Quilting Rules
1. Don't bleed on the quilt. 
2. Measure twice and cut once.
3. Its not a mistake.  Its a creative opportunity.
4. There are no quilt police.
5. Rules?  There are rules?
"What is life for?  It is for you."  -Abraham Maslow


  1. I love your bowl of pillows! They look so good. Hugs,

  2. Fun little pillows. The crow is sweet and your stitches are looking lovely. I enjoy seeing Dawn every year at PIQF in Santa Clara. I tend to make a beeline for her booth :-)

  3. What a great idea....I also have a wooden bowl that seems to be a catch all for keys and junk...I am going to cute it up!

  4. LOVE the flag on the bird's wing - nice projects!