Monday, April 6, 2015

The Secret Life of Quilters.....

......was the name of the quilting retreat which I just had the privilege of attending with many, many talented and lovely women.  The guest at the retreat was Carrie Nelson of the well known patterns that are marketed under the name of Miss Rosie's.  Part of what I will share with you in the next few days is her trunk show.  She is now working for Moda and is living the dream!  First of all the retreat is held in the beautiful and picturesque area located in the mountains just outside Midway, Utah.  The name of the resort where it is held is called Zermatt.  I posted pictures a year ago of the area, but failed to do so this year.

Every year at the retreat we are given a fabric kit.  This year we were presented with a 10 yard bundle of fabric to make a yellow and white quilt......5 yards of white and 5 yards of yellow.  The goal is for us to get a quilt made to return to the retreat the following year.  The staff at American Quilting in Orem, Utah sponsor the retreat each year, and the staff made samples of yellow and white quilts to share with us for ideas,  I love this particular shade of yellow, and look forward to coming up with a great idea for a yellow and white quilt.  You can see in the picture that I also purchased 2 fabrics that are possibilities to use for the back or for an alternate block.  Also, in this picture you can see the thread holder which each of us was given at the final evening dinner.  The bee at the end covers a magnet which will hold a scissors or a needle.  Different colors of thread can be placed on the little holder which is shaped like a bee skep.......and of course yellow quilting thread.  The little yellow holder with a bee motif on the side is a shaker that has been filled with sand to hold the wool flowers which they made to stand up in cute!

At the retreat there are classes, and I taught just one, Autumn Sky.  Other wise we are all in a huge room all sewing and sharing our love of creating and stitching.....a bit of heaven on earth!  I felt so fortunate looking around this big room of quilters and being a part of such awesome company.  I will have more pictures to share with you throughout the week.
In our gift was also all of the fabric we need and the pattern to make this bee for our labels. 

I completed the top for this new little quilt which I plan on calling Cottage Garden.  The blocks are 5 inches and have both wool and cotton used for the applique.  The pieced blocks are 25 one inch squares.  I loved putting together this little quilt.  Now I need to get it quilted and the pattern written before spring quilt market in Minneapolis. The background for the applique blocks is a wonderful Diamond Textiles fabric and the border is a new Diamond Textiles fabric.  I'm pleased to have a bolt of each in my possession for kits, which will be coming after market.

I've been reading a little book I purchased called, Happily Grateful.  It was compiled by Dan Zadra and Kristel Wills.  I would like to share the forward with you. "May the joy that you give to others be the joy that comes back to you."  "We are most alive", wrote Thornton Wilder, "when our hearts are conscious of our treasures."
This is the gift - to hear and enjoy life's music everywhere.  To be more aware of what we have than what we don't have.  To appreciate again and again all the wonderful things in life that money can't buy....the wind in your hair, the sun on your face; a child's laughter, a loving family, a great friend.
Truly, there is something in every day and in every season to celebrate with thanksgiving.  In the end, of course, it's not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that brings us joy.
This seemed to express how full my heart is today.  I was fortunate to spend a lovely four days doing what I love and surrounded by lovely women.  And today we spent a glorious day with our daughters at a delicious brunch Abbie prepared for all of us, and then we were able to Skype with our dear Ben and his easy to love wife who have given us a precious little grandson, Wyatt.  With that said, I hope your life is bringing you unmeasurable joy.


  1. Thanks for sharing.

    Will you be showing the quilts everyone made from the fabric that they were given last year?

  2. Love, Love....the new quilt! Anything with wool in it is so much fun!!! Can't wait for the pattern to be available! Tammy

  3. Beautiful post! Absolutely LOVE the buttery yellow fabric!!!

  4. Norma your new spring quilts just make my heart sing!
    Grandma Rita

  5. Two color quilts are some of my favorites, and this yellow + white combo is a real winner - can't wait till next year when you share what everyone has made with it! The bee label is so sweet - I need to be better at labeling my quilts - this would be a good incentive! Your Cottage Garden quilt is a winner - the fabric for the applique blocks is awesome! Thanks for all the eye candy - maybe I can attend this retreat some year (crossing fingers)

  6. Your little applique quilt is so adorable, I must get that pattern. Love all the yellow and white quilts. Do you mind if I ask the shade of yellow?
    Thanks a bunch.

  7. I am very interested in your Cottage Garden kits. Please keep me informed--thanks!

  8. Very pretty! Would you post what yellow the solid is?

    Thank you

  9. What a special time to have with women who create such wonderful quilts. What gorgeous examples you showed of the yellow and white quilts! Your new one is so sweet too! I love the combination of pieced blocks and wool applique. So glad you had time to get away and to enjoy your family too. Thanks for sharing. K-

  10. Love your new pattern. Do you have a company name and possibly product number for that gold fabric? It really is the perfect yellow.

  11. What beautiful quilts...yours as well as the yellow and white quilts! I will be at market too and hope to meet you! I think we are in the same row even!

  12. Love that cottage garden quilt, is there a pattern?? Thank you, Mary