Monday, March 30, 2015

Retreat Bound......

....I haven't been home long and I'm off again.  We are leaving for the retreat in Midway, Utah.  I hope to share a little more from my Oregon trip.  I found a line from a novel that I copied down some time ago....."The great outdoors, where nature reigns and man is a guest."  With that line, I will share you a bit of enchantment from the great outdoors!
Our visit to the falls was an exhilarating experience.  I felt so alive amongst all of that lush green foliage!  It was a study in the color green.

We hiked up to the bridge that is shown in the picture.

Utah is considered to be kind of an arid state, at least parts of it.  Water is always a concern for us, and water rights is a big priority.  So, to see all of this lushness was quite a treat!  It was interesting to see the ferns growing out of the moss on the sides of the trees.

A random bloom in the distance amongst all of this green.

Stopped by to enjoy this sweet little stream.

We made it to the bridge.
Looking down below to where the parking lot was located, and a lovely gift shop and restaurant, where we enjoyed a yummy bowl of split pea soup. 

A little pond in the crux of where these 3 trees came together.

To make this blog entry complete, there must be at least one quilt.  This is a beauty I took a photo of in one of the many antique shops we explored.  I think I really am becoming fond of the big hexies.
I will be back on Monday, April 6th.  Hopefully I will have many ideas from other quilters to share with you, and an abundance of inspiration.
"Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness."  -Pearl S. Buck
I hope you experience many small joys throughout this coming week.

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