Monday, May 4, 2015

A Special Week end!

My dear husband turned 65 this past Friday.....and as a family we had great joy and cause for celebrating the occasion.  First of all we gathered and skyped with Ben, Erin and Wyatt.  We are always sad when we gather as a family and they aren't here with us.

Katrina and Jess brought their grand dogs to the party.  Here sweet Annie is high fiving for a treat.

Now it is Oliver's turn to do tricks for a treat.

Such talented grand dogs, both shaking hands with me in hopes of gaining still another treat.

They are just so darn smart and cute!

For some reason the camera was focused on this event.  Chad and Abbie did not bring their 3 dogs, or as Bruce once told me when we had 6 grand dogs in our house at one time for a Sunday dinner......"Norma we are literally going to the dogs!"  At one point during the birthday dinner Grandpa even snuck a treat to his great grand dogs....:-)

Besides a major house clean on our garage, I did manage to get one more block done for the basket quilt.....progress is definitely being made.
"It's not about how you look.  It's about how you see."  -unknown
Here's wishing that you all see all the goodness that lies around you.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished basket quilt. It is lovely. Have a super Monday. It is raining here and my spring flowers are very happy.

  2. Wishing hubby a happy 65th year...and a pay hike!! :o)) I am looking forward to my 65th for that very reason...more money for fabric!! haha Your grand-dogs are dang cute...and smart too!

  3. What a fun werkend! My dog Daisy would have fit right in. Usually I have Mabel, my nieces 17 yo chihuahua, my gold lab Daisy, Toby from my sistet and a lahasa apso- spelling that breed is a challenge! Love the basket quilt and am enjoying your blog, keeping up with you since your visit to the west coast and an afternoon at Pioneer Quilts, where we met. Happy Monday!!

  4. What a wonderful celebration! Love your basket!

  5. Happiest of birthdays to the hubby. Love how the basket quilt is coming along. Think I will have to get this one!

  6. Sweet time with your family 😊
    Love the new basket block,

  7. I'm sure loving the progress you're making on the basket quilt!

  8. Happy birthday, Hubby! Love the basket block. What talented grand-doggies. Stole the quote at the end for my email! Thanks for ALL you share!