Friday, May 1, 2015

A New Day.......

......."No matter what yesterday was like, birds always start the day with a new song."  -Doreen Virtue

I love waking to bird song.  We have been sleeping with our windows open, and that means waking to the birds singing.  They start when the dawn is still dark, in anticipation of the new day.

My new quilts are back home with me and are on the stack ready to take to market.  I wanted to let you know that the patterns are completed and ready for purchase on my web site.

I have started making the kits for Cottage quilt holder is quite nimble on holding this quilt......he is in a full squat to hide behind the quilt.  Quite a talent, eh?

This is a French publication which I received in the mail.  It has 2 of my designs in it.  A very lovely magazine, but it has one major problem for is all in French.  Now, I'm wondering if any of you who read my blog speak and read French.  If you do and would like this magazine, be the first to contact me with your name and address, and I will send it to you.

"Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday and all is well."  -unknown


  1. Hi name is Janet Melanson... An Acadian French last name... And I live in Ontario, Canada..which you may know is a bilingual country....I would love to win this email address is janetmelanson

  2. Norma Hello! I just read your post, I'm French and I regularly look at your blog I love what you show!
    I also see you as you pin on Pinterest old antique quilts that I love!
    I Mamifleur ! My blog is Embruns et Petits Points .
    Soon Norma and I send you all my friendship.