Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Celebrating Father's Day

I had difficulty doing my download of the important Dad's in our life, but had better luck today.
Katrina and Jess had us over for a lovely celebration honoring the Dad's in their lives.  Here is my side kick, quilt holder and the father of my two beautiful daughters.  We were wishing Ben, Erin and little Wyatt could have been with us.  Ben was overjoyed to be celebrating his first Father's Day and is still in awe of his son.

A shot of Bruce, his dad and Jess's dad Steve.  Once again I treasure the memories made while we were together.

I've been working on this new design......are the wings on the Gardening Angel too large?

I'm considering this beautiful new Diamond Textile fabric for the border.

This morning I managed to get this picture of one of the little squirrels that have chosen my back yard as their playground......of course the peanuts gave them an open invitation.

And here is his little companion feasting on his peanut while sitting on the post.

Later I discovered this little guy sitting right in the peanut feeder nibbling away on his peanut.  They are becoming quite friendly.....they are beginning to know the hand that feeds them! :-)
Tomorrow I will have more quilt inspiration.
From Dad......."If you were to sell your character, would you get full retail, or would it go for a
bargain-basement price?"


  1. Hi Norma,
    I adore your blog & look forward to it everyday! I love your new garden angel. She is the cutest ever! I don't think her wings are too big. Angels are needed everywhere so they need big wings!
    I am in total love of the Diamond Textile fabric you are considering for the borders. I have done a search & can't find it. Can you point me to a source? I think I must have it! Thanks!

    Karen in Ohio

  2. I like your new garden angel design! The wings do seem a little large, perhaps it is their color. They would be a little softer with a bit of gentle curving on the edges. There, my two cents for you!

  3. Love the angel block! The wings seem just fine and in proportion. Can't wait to see the progress :o)