Thursday, June 11, 2015

Every day is a present....... it slowly.  I received this charming quote from Kathy Serlet.  And that is just my favorite way to start out my days.  Thank you Kathy.

Our quilt group met tonight at Elaine's Quilt Block.  Brittany brought this great Irish Chain quilt.

Julie has been working on these blocks by Kim McClain.

Lil has been hand piecing these spectacular blocks.  We all admired them and couldn't quite get enough of there are a few pictures so that you might get your fill also.  The blocks are all made out of the same piece.  In the different arrangements of the colors you end up with a different look.

The piece is an elongated hexagon.

The original quilt was made by Lucy Boston when she was in her nineties, and the quilt was made in the 1800's.  

This is a quilt top Valerie made.  It is a Mimmick and Simpson pattern called  Nantucket Stars.  It is so striking in it's simplicity.

This is a UFO that Valerie finished.  The colors are soft and lovely.

With the left over fabric from the UFO quilt, she made this table topper.

Yes, Valerie is an over achiever, and we were so thrilled with all she shared with us this evening.  This is a Cherie Payne design which we all loved.

And, she made her initials for the back.  There is more to share, but I will save that for tomorrows post. 
It is now time to start entering for next months drawing.
"One of the sanest, surest and most encompassing joys of life comes from being happy over the good works and good fortunes of others."  - Archibald Rutledge


  1. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful quilts. Love the Lucy Boston stitching! It's on my list to do.

  2. Wow!! I just love the blue & white Irish chain!!!!! One of my favorite patterns . . . so simple yet gorgeous! I'm also amazed at the paper piecing project . . . so beautiful. Lucy has really been a busy girl . . . loved the Minick & Simpson red & white/tan quilt! I'd love to make one of those soon. I'm still working on Quilts for Vets & Quilts for Children at our guild, the Orange County Quilters' Guild. Blessing for sharing your beautiful pics!
    Orange, CA

  3. WOW! You hang out with some extremely talented, creative gifted quilters. Each quilt is more striking than the last!

  4. What is the monthly drawing and how does one enter?

  5. Love the quilts and blocks you showed today. I am working on the Lucy Boston quilt and was so happy to see more ideas for how to make my blocks. Thanks for the inspiration. Always enjoy your blog. K-

  6. Gorgeous quilts, all. I am working on Lucy Boston POC is addicting. You are so lucky to have exposure to so many inspiring quilts. Thx for taking the time to share them all with us.

  7. A Lucy Boston quilt is on my Must-Do List. Love the initial blocks too. What an inspiring post. Thanks!