Friday, June 19, 2015

More quilts.....

.....coming your way.
There is every kind of fabric in this quilt and it looks marvelous all put together.  I apologize, but I do not have all of the name of the people who made these outstanding quilts.

This quilt is called Circle Pam Clarke.  What a marvelous quilt.  The circles in themselves are quite a feat, and the quilting is amazing!

Stars in my Garden....Pam Clarke. I believe this is an antique quilt.

I do not have information of this beauty!  I like how the backgrounds are large nine patches.  This would help in centering the design.

The following quilts are from the collection of Pam Clarke.  I fell in love with these beautiful antique quilts.  As you can see, they are hand quilted and the quilting is fabulous!

The name that I know this block to be, is the Bride's Bouquet.

A lovely hand quilted Dresden Plate.

I always am drawn to two colored quilts.

This one is my favorite of all!!

Incredible little pieces stitched so perfectly.  What a treasure.....!!

What a contrast this quilt is......even so it is lovely for a more modern look.  The colors are so soft and lovely
It is finally summer for weather.  The mornings are still perfect on my patio for my breakfast.......leisurely and lovely! :-)
"Behold the turtle.  He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out."  -James B. Conant

P.s.  The basket kits are ready......:-)


  1. Fun quilt show! I especially love that first one you showed.

  2. What fun - I can't choose a favorite!