Friday, June 26, 2015

The conclusion.....

....all good things come to an end....this will conclude the marvelous quilt show which was displayed in S.L.C. this spring.
Warm and cool looking at the same time....this quilt definitely looks tropical.

I have enjoyed so much sharing these quilts with you.  It has been magic!   There certainly was an abundance of inspiration for me just seeing them all again with the pictures.

The additional quilt blocks have added an interesting touch to this quilt featuring court house steps.


A cheerful creative combination.  A perfect use of scraps.

What a stunning quilt.  The quilting was amazing.


Nancy Allen of Riverton, Utah calls this her Legacy Quilt......and what an amazing Legacy giving evidence of her skill with needle and thread.  This quilt has been hand appliqued and hand quilted.
A masterpiece indeed!

This is a beautiful piece of artwork.  The verse on the borders comes from The Song of Solomon.

I regret that I do not have any information on this quilt.....what a charming folk art quilt for Christmas.
TGIF......Fridays come around so fast that it sends me in a tailspin!  When I think of how quickly time is speeding past, I want to fully understand how to better savor the moments.  Make the most of your week end.
"One man with courage is a majority."  -Andrew Jackson


  1. Oh man, I enjoyed your shows!! Such wonderful quilts...such talented quilters!! The last quilt is a Lynette Anderson...'Friends for Christmas''s on the Bucket List! YES...that bucket is VERY big!haha Thanks again!

  2. Thank you Norma for the wonderful quilt show. They all were so amazing and inspiring.

  3. Norma... So enjoy your blog. The Christmas golk art quilt is a design by Australian quilt artist Lynette Anderson.... Janet M...A fan from Canafa

  4. This quilt of Christmas si a quilt of linotte Anderson.
    I make it at this moment to be finished for Christmas.
    If you Want i can Tell you more of this quilt ..ref...
    ( Sorry for my bad english!)

  5. hi, thanks for all these beautiful pictures! The Christmas quilt is one of Lynette Anderson's creations...I have the book.

  6. Hi Norma,
    I really enjoyed your blog post, my friend Kay Harmon form AR says hi. She sent me the link to you here as she thought I would enjoy seeing my (slightly altered) quilt 'Friends For Christmas'. Its the one with the flying Santa and reindeer. Its from one of my BOM patterns than many stores in the US have offered. Here is the link to see the original
    many thanks

  7. Great quilt show! Sad to see it end. You're so right .... great inspiration!

  8. I snapped pictures of a lot of the same quilts as you - - -