Monday, July 6, 2015

Finishing a UFO......

.....was exciting as well as satisfying!  I need to give some background.  I just experienced Christmas in July, as a box of fabric and wool arrived at my door from Marcus! :-)  I have worked with Marcus wool in the past, and know what lovely quality it is.  They have added many new beautiful colors.  I will have some of the bright wool to share on my blog this week.  You all know that I enjoy the earthy non bright colors.......I've been accused of liking the crying in the beer colors, that is what a gal at a shop in Missouri told a friend and I I have some bright wool to share.  Anyway I had a pillow I designed a while ago and after I received my book by Rebekah L Smith, I became very inspired.
The pillow was already stuffed, and I hadn't found the time to write the pattern yet.  And then my book arrived, and it features the kind of simple embroidery that I can get excited about.  So I proceeded to try and add a few stitches with the pillow already stuffed and put together.  I'm not recommending that.  I was able to add a few stitches on the leaves, and a few French knots, before coming to the conclusion that I'll try out her ideas on a new project.  I'm happy to say that the directions are written and will go to my talented graphic designer tomorrow.

The label is in place on the back and the pillow is finished.  The verse on the label is by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Nobody can bring you peace but yourself."

This is the beautiful book that shows what amazing things you can do with 4 basic stitches.  It is just my style, and is the look I love.  Now, I can hardly wait to start something new with the wonderful  Marcus wool I received.  The wool I received is now all felted and ready to go, and I might add that it felts beautifully!  I have the book on the stands that are available on my web site.  My son Ben is making them.
I spent the long week end mostly sewing, cleaning and organizing my sewing room.  When you're in the mood it is so much fun.  I have a big file that had been neglected and just became a catch all for ideas as they came to me.....and then after awhile I get involved with something else and forget about them.  Needless to say I am now over the top excited to get started on some of them!
"Never forget where you've been.  Never lose sight of where you're going.  And never take for granted the people who travel the journey with you."  -Susan Gale


  1. Some day I would like to try working with wool. Looks like Home... and even more precious is that the Pillow is made by hand... Love the Cover of the Book...

  2. Lovely pillow and such pretty colours! Looks like a great book!

  3. Love the pillow! Hope to see the book at my LQS. And finally, love the quote!!!