Monday, August 24, 2015

I've been MIA......

.....and I apologize.  I've missed sharing my trip with you.  On August 19th, my birthday, I visited my doctor because I was feeling so fatigued.  It was determined that I was extremely anemic and he sent me to the hospital for  a blood transfusion.  Once there they decided to keep me over night and to begin some testing.  So far nothing has been determined.  I have no other symptoms other than fatigue.  It was quite an imposition to cancel all of my birthday celebration plans! :-(  However, there are plans for future celebrating.

I haven't been totally idle, the kits for this Harvest Time burlap bag are made and ready to go in time for your fall decorating.  They are not on my web site yet, but if you are interested just contact me.  Some of emailed me and made inquiries.  The cost for the kit is 23.50.

It seems we cruised through Wyoming and half of the way through Nebraska the first day, knowing that we wanted to visit shops we passed by on our way home.  Our first turn off I-80 came at Elkhorn, Iowa.  There was supposed to be a great quilt store there, but alas! it had closed.  This is a Danish community, and I photographed this windmill.  There was a charming little gift shop filled with lovely things.

In the little park area, there was this bust of Hans Christian Anderson and......

....this early cabin home.  I found the sod roof very attractive with different little plant specimens growing there.  However, I did speculate about the possibilities  of bugs and rodents burrowing down on the roof, and what that might mean for the family seeking shelter inside.

We stopped to take a picture of this wonderful quilt sign on this pretty red barn.  I thought the metal rooster and hen out in front were a nice addition.  I love driving the back roads through farm country.  I am a farm girl at heart.

Behind this yellow door is a quilt shop we visited in the little farming community in Exira, Iowa.  The shop is called Log Cabin Quilt Shop and has been recently purchased by Jerry and Robin Hoffman.  They are busy revitalizing it and have a retreat area upstairs which has been enjoyed by groups of quilters.  If you wish to visit this shop there address is 111 Washington Street and there telephone number is 712-268-2487.

Here are a few things on Robin's design wall which she is working on.

There was some lovely tempting fabric....The wonderful little piece with the aqua background caught my vintage.

I loved this little cheddar quilt.  Found the pink in it an interesting choice, but also very attractive.

The Ohio star in black also caught my eye.  As we drove along I worked on pin keeps to have for drawings at the upcoming classes which I will be teaching in San Diego.
I'm happy to be back, and this is just the beginning of our adventures.
"The house does not rest upon the ground but upon a woman."  -Mexican Proverb


  1. Welcome back!!! I'm sure I'm not the only one that has missed you! Hope you get to feeling better. Fatigue is no fun ... we've got things to do!!! Hahaha!!!

  2. What a lovely respite for you and I hope that you begin to feel better soon... endless fatigue is no fun.

  3. Hope and prayers that you continue to feel stronger. Fatigue is no fun. I also hope it's an easy fix. I see your designs allover the quilt shops and really enjoy them. I'm working on one of your snowman quilts right now.

  4. Glad to see your post today - hope the doctors have good news for you soon!

  5. Oh, I hope they find what's causing the tiredness. Could it be low Vitamin D? What an awful way to spend your birthday, too. Thanks for sharing photos from your trip. I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Well that is no fun to be in the hospital on your birthday (or any day, for that matter!). Hope you are feeling better. There are some great quilt shops in Iowa - I hope you found some of them!

  7. Happy to have you back, I've missed your blog and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's blog full of wool goodies.
    Look after yourself and feel better soon.