Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Travels of a Quilter

When you're a quilter, many times a trip is scheduled around fabric and anything even remotely close in nature.  We were anxious to arrive in Ohio to give our sweet little grandson a squeeze, so we didn't venture to far off the beaten path on the way there.

Adel Quilting and Dry Goods Co., located at 909 Prairie Street in Adel Iowa.

On the front door was written...."The life of a quilter is pieceful."  I loved the play on words, as I do see quilting as a peaceful art.

This banner was hanging outside the door.

This antique quilted piece caught my attention.  I am so drawn to old quilts....they certainly do speak a message to my heart.

....bunches of quilt themed charms.

Many small projects, some with wool.  For a small quilt store the variety was excellent, something for everyone.

......temptations galore.

This charming little quilt was made from a panel......it fooled me until I looked closer.

Great collectables on shelves along the ceiling, gave the store a cozy and homespun feel.

This Autumn inspired piece is called Pumpkins and String.

Then we were directed to the Brick Street Books and Café.  A great combination, and our lunch which we finished off with a home made cookie was tasty and just what we were hoping for.

I didn't mean to download this picture......however, wait until you see what I have to share from the Wooden Needle in Williamsburg Iowa.  Tomorrow I will outline a quilt trip for you.
Today I received a quote from Sandi Wilhite.  I knew the minute I read it that I'd want to share it with you.  "There is mighty power in a mother.  She is the one who molds hearts, lives and shapes character."  -Flora Amussen Benson
If you are a wool lover, make certain you tune in tomorrow!! You will not be disappointed.


  1. I've been to Woolen Needle, lovely shop, lovely shop owners! Can't wait to see your pictures. Thanks so much for your blog.

  2. Loved that shop!! Thanks for taking us along! I look forward to tomorrow!

  3. Those are nice charms - lol! Glad you made it to more Iowa shops and I can't wait to hear what you thought of The Woolen Needle. Hope you made it to Inspirations too!

  4. Today was so much fun...but you know...I can't wait till tomorrow!!!!!