Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ohio Bound.....

....and I can't wait to hug my grand baby.....his parents too!!
This is looking away from our camp site to a beautiful little meadow where other campers has pitched their tent.
Here is the peaceful little mountain stream that was by our camp site.  You can see how clear the water is.

I'm sure you understand why my soul was restored!  Sitting by this stream with a good book is a perfect remedy for what ails a person.  :-)

We drove a couple of miles to this beautiful little mountain lake so that Chad could fish.  I can't remember the name of the lake, but there were all kinds of delightful names such as Butterfly Lake and Mirror Lake, those are the two I remember.

I love this back drop of Bald Mountain.

Abbie and dear little Tucker taking a nap.

Our dinner the last night......yummy salmon and......

....a steak.  The baked potatoes were pre baked at home and then finished off in the coals. The mountain air certainly made every thing taste exquisite!
We were healthy and ate our veggies.

Carmen tucked under her blanket at night in our much for a dogs life!  :-)

I finished this Harvest Time bag today, and I will be making kits for these when I return home from vacation.

The pattern for We All Need A Little Sunshine is done and on my web site.  I will finish up on the kits once I return home.
"The price of disliking other human beings is loving oneself less."  -unknown
I'm hoping to take lots of photos to share with you once I return home. This is going to be a road trip, which Bruce and I just love. See you later!

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  1. Your camping trip looked beautiful, what great fun! Have a wonderful holiday in Ohio with your family.