Tuesday, August 4, 2015


....as only being in nature can accomplish.  We had a marvelous camping trip.  Perfect weather, cold at night of course, but it made for very cozy sleeping in our tent.  The sleeping pad which I slept on made for comfortable slumber.  The first night was a full blue moon and that set the coyotes to howling.  A great way to be lulled off to sleep.
Sweet little Tucker excited to leave on the adventure.....

...and Carmen the black lab just hanging out on his bed in the back seat of my car.....she's taking it all in stride.

Chad and Abbie's car was filled to the top and so was mine.  We have arrived at our camp site.

Unpacking our sleeping gear, which of course included quilts.

Chad was happily setting up our sleeping accommodations.

Carmen got out of the car and immediately found her next napping spot.....and I wasn't far behind her.
I am negotiating with her about sharing her bed....she seems disinterested.

After all it was high class......orthopedic foam.

Chad understood my lack of success in negotiating so he set up a cot under the canopy of this tree.....and it made for lovely napping.  Out of the sun with a gentle mountain, pine scented breeze.  Oh, how sweet it was.

A peek inside out tent.....Tucker approves of the quilt for his napping pleasure.

This is my bed.....under the quilt is a minus 15 degrees sleeping bag.  After the sun went down it really became quite fresh, and we cuddled in our beds and warmed up immediately....and our bags became unzipped so we would have more moderate temperatures.

In the morning Tucker found another quilt in a chair to watch all of the camp activity.
I encouraged Abbie, that this was probably not a camp quilt.....and she gained understanding of why it didn't meet requirements.....hand quilted and hand pieced.

Our tent accommodated all four of us plus the two dogs.  We even had a bright and colorful rug outside our door.  And you can see my Quilt Mania bag sitting outside.  We did have camping style.

Char, Chad's sister came with us......she is the mom of the black lab.  Here she and Abbie are making our breakfast.  We had Dutch baby pancakes cooked in the Dutch oven.  They were fantastic.  And the night before we had enchiladas.
I'll finish up with our adventure tomorrow.  Before I sign off I want to tell you that Bruce and I will be leaving on our Ohio trip this week after all.  The tear in his rotator cuff was minor and the surgeon decided it was not bad enough to have surgery.  After the swelling and inflammation subside he started to improve vastly.  So we are excitedly following through with our plans.  And that means the monthly drawing will not take place until after I return home......and that means the drawing will not be held until August 19th.
"We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."  -Native American Proverb

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  1. Wow! I love the look at that tent, especially the beautiful quilts. Glad you were there to explain what makes a "camping quilt" vs. a "non-camping quilt". Once again I'm copying your quote ... it's beautiful and will be my email signature for a while. Thank you!