Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Back home again.....

We had a glorious time at The Country Living Fair in Columbus Ohio.  We were relaxed, enjoyed good food, fine weather and each others company.  We saw so many tempting things to purchase and each of us came home with a few treasures.

The 3 day event was held at the Ohio Historical Park......a perfect setting.  I've always been partial to goats.

There were beautiful planters throughout the area.

There are ever so many creative and talented artisans.
We all came to the conclusion that we needed a trailer.......airplane travel is not conducive to collecting anything of size......and there were many sizable things which we wanted to bring home.

We enjoyed seeing many amazing antique quilts.

All kinds of folk art goodies.

Leslie is admiring the two colored quilt pictured.

We were anxious to come home and decorate for fall.

I loved this framed succulent selection.  There were several hanging in different places.

Here is another fabulous antique quilt......

And another.....

Still more.....

And then these lovely pastel quilts.

In our room at night.....Leslie hand quilting, and Gaylyn checking out her messages.

I started with my decorating today.....

I have more of these burlap Harvest Time kits available.  The kit contains the pattern, the bag and all of the wool required to decorate the burlap bag.  The sell for 28.00.  If you'd like one call me at 801-944-6965.  They are not on my web site.

I have my new quilt to this point, and hope to complete the top border tomorrow.  The size will be 63inches by 80 inches.
"Accept your life just as it is.  Today.  Now.  So that those moments of happiness you're waiting for don't pass you by."


  1. Love all your pictures from your trip, it sounds so fun, I would love to do that. Love your new quilt, my life is not going to be long enough.

  2. Thanks for sharing views of the C. L. Fair. One of these years I hope to go, especially since I live so close. I love your quilt with stars and the grey background. It's very appealing!