Thursday, September 17, 2015

We're on our way...... the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio.  The are 4 of us traveling buddies that are going together, and we are excited.  I have collected so many pictures from all of my adventures and will get caught up with the sharing after I get home.  I plan on staying put for a while.  I have the bug to get in my sewing room and start sewing.

Here is Rebekah Smith and her husband Bruce.  Rebekah was doing a book signing as well as teaching at the San Diego quilt show.  She also had some of her beautiful creations for sale.

We were fortunate in that we were able to preview her items for sale prior to the show.  After having dinner together we went back to Julie and Kevin's home where Rebekah's packages had been sent.  Notice the kitty perched on her lofty spot.
A brief peek at some of Rebekah's items which were available for purchase.

One of her lovely wool table mats.  I am in love with her unique designs.

I was seriously tempted by this adorable sewing bag.

The boxes Rebekah makes are absolutely gorgeous.

I am so pleased with my purchase!

The welcome sign as I approached Julie's front door.

Another picture of Ellie May and Molly Marie cuddling on their bed a top the cupboard holding many of Julie's quilts.
I loved this quilt and the holder......

....And this awesome chair!

The welcoming guest bed where I spent many restful nights.

And Julie's finished Field of Flowers quilt hanging on the wall.  This is the class which I taught at the San Diego quilt show.  I'm pleased to say that I met many warm and friendly quilters.
Now I will not be back until Tuesday the, until then happy sewing! :-)
"Go on with a spirit that fears nothing!"  -Homer

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  1. Rebekah really does have a beautiful style going in her applique. I have not seen her work before. Hope I can see it again soon. Thanks for sharing her!