Friday, October 2, 2015

Old antique quilts......

.....I just love them!  They definitely speak to my soul.
Woops!  I forgot to take a photo of the quilt that this border belongs to.  Isn't it amazing?

This has a Gee's  B  To me it looks old, but yet has a contemporary look to it.


This one is just perfect for the fabric lover......I'd want to make every pyramid out of different fabric.


This quilt has such a soft look, and once again provides a chance to use an assortment of fabric.


This quilt makes my heart sing......I just love it.

The solid muslin used on the light side of the log cabin, really sets this quilt apart.


The quilting on this beauty is breath taking!  There just is nothing to compare with hand quilting.  Oh, for more time.


This quilt definitely looks like a quilt to snuggle up in.  What a delightful way to use up scraps.

I have cooked for family other than just Bruce and I two nights this week.  Fall and winter time cooking just appeals to me the most.  Perhaps it is because of my farm upbringing and learning to cook comfort foods from my mother.  My friend Flora Gilman says, "I don't love cooking, but I love feeding people."  I feel like I'm providing a form of nurture for those I love.
This calls for another quote by Gordon B Hinckley, "There is no more beautiful picture than that of a good woman cooking a meal for those she loves."  This is not to disregard the fact that a man looks pretty good in the kitchen too!  I've been know to tell Bruce when he comes through the door asking what's for dinner tonight, to answer, "what ever you cook dear."  I guess I've rattled on long enough on this topic......have a splendid week end.


  1. Oh, I too love old quilts! That log cabin really got me excited! I love the idea of the muslin...a natural choice for this pattern! Must remember this one!! Thanks for the wonderful show with my morning coffee!

  2. Fun quilt show! I especially like the Medallion quilt.

  3. Norma thank you for all your beautiful photos, as I like to see old antique quilts I like you they make my heart happy! Friendship

  4. I like both the pyramid quilt and the log cabin. The colors and many fabrics are what I like.