Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A beautiful tree......

.....which I'd like your help in telling me what the name of it is.  This quilt was in front of the Quilt Crossings, and I thought it was really lovely, and just needed to get a picture.
As you can see the tree had these clusters of red berries.

I can picture them in a vase for the holiday season.


Before arriving at the house where we were going to be staying, we passed through a place with a higher elevation and experienced more snow.  The first snows are magical for me.  It is too bad that this feeling does not always persist throughout the winter.

We arrived at our destination after dark, but when I looked out in the morning I saw these visitors.

I truly enjoyed their visits to the yard.....love those large docile brown eyes.


Julie put the pedal to the metal so to speak, and completed this quilt top for a Christmas gift.  Her objective, besides napping and such, was to complete some unfinished projects.  I found quite a bit of time for sewing also, and will share my projects in a later post.

A close up look.

Our shopping day in Portland included some great antique shops.

We thoroughly enjoyed browsing.  I purchased a lovely vase that I plan on putting fresh flowers in for Thanksgiving.


Many interesting treasures.  The cracker tins on top of the shelf are like the ones my mother used all the while I still lived there.  Does this mean that I too am an antique? :-)
"When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength.  Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living."  -Chief Tecumseh


  1. The tree looks like a Nandina that has been trained into a tree.

  2. It seems to be a rowan-tree I think.
    Best wishes!

  3. I think it is a Hawthorn tree. We have them in Oregon.

  4. Not sure, but looks like that tree might be a Mountain Ash.

  5. The tree is possible a white mountain ash.

  6. So I've been tree hunting and the only thing I can come up with is the following. What I looked for was the shape of the leaf - similar to a maple leaf.

  7. high bush cranberry?


  8. Lots of wonderful goodies. I remember those crackers tins. lol

    Enjoy, janie

  9. Hi Norma,
    I live just a few miles from you, and I have 4 of those trees in my front yard. They are Washington Hawthorn trees. You can come and gather all the branches you would like! Let me know if you want more info.