Monday, November 16, 2015

More from Quilt Crossings....

Happy Monday! :-)  First of all I want to say to our French friends that you are in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time your country is going through.

I have this simple little stitchery hanging in my hall.  This is such a wonderful time of the year when we are reminded to count our blessings.  I've discovered that by doing so, I am rich beyond measure!  I'm reminded that we always see what we are looking for.  While visiting in Oregon I spent time in a marvelous book store in The Dalles.  I picked up the book, "The Memory Weaver" by Jane Kirkpatrick.  This story has an abundance of wisdom tucked inside its covers.  For example, I have highlighted this sentence near the very beginning...."Finding fault with everything is tiring and breathes no hope of change."   I guess I have rambled on long enough....just wanting to share some good food for thought.

On the Thanksgiving theme, I'd like to share this table runner which Bobbi Voss made from the table runner pattern I designed called "Pumpkins On Parade."  She has placed hers single file and looks forward to having it down the center of her Thanksgiving Table.  Thank you so much for sharing Bobbi.

More of the goodness we discovered at Quilt Crossings in Boise, Idaho.



As you can see, we found an abundance of inspiration everywhere we looked.  I was so taken by these hexi's that I've decided to keep a basket of these by me chair, so that when I am between other hand stitching projects I can make these charming little blocks.  I love how they are separated by black.

You wool lovers would have been hyperventilating!



I really fell in love with this charmer.

They had little stashes of these Itty Bitty Bits around the store......perfect for making the hexagons.

"Oh, the Earth is good to me,
and so I thank the Earth for giving me
the things I need,
the sun and the rain and the apple seed.
The Earth is good to me."
-Traditional American "Jonny Appleseed Grace"


  1. That looks looks like quite a store! The wool projects really are gorgeous! Thanks for taking us along on your trip :-)

  2. I always find some wonderful inspiration at Quilt Crossing. It is fun shop to visit.

  3. Thank you for sharing your road trips. It's what brings me back time and again to the blogs that do that. I also love the hexie GMFG. It's really popular right now. Will you try the Pasacaglia quilt next? :-) I'm thinking about it which is probably all I'll do since I am happy making small PP six pointed stars.

  4. Such fresh inspiration! Thanks for sharing the photos of that wonderful store.

  5. Thank you Norma for your thoughts.These past days have been very difficult. I know that you can understand our feelings. Thanks for your nice pictures , they give warmth in my heart. Hugs from France