Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Brrrrr it's cold outside....

.....and I am so happy to be cozy inside and hope to find time to stitch today.
Today I have a few quilts to share from The Fabric Depot in Portland.  This a huge store with everything you can imagine associated with quilting.



And things not associated with quilting.  There was a survey done at a retreat I attended to find out what people snack on while they are sewing....very interesting.

This store is not warm and cozy, and I did not feel inspired, but if you are on the hunt for something, they just might have it.
I hope everyone is settling in to the new year, inspired by a new sewing project.  Remember to share your projects with us, so that we might be inspired also.
"When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen:  There will be something solid for you to stand upon, or, you will be taught how to fly."
-Patrick Overton


  1. Happy new year to you Norma from a french quilter who loves your blog and all the quilts you create. Hugs from France

  2. Oh that store looks like heaven and I could loose myself happily in there for days! Such a shame there are no stores like that here in my English town :(
    Wondering if you picked up some bargains? Certainly a lot of inspiration there!!
    Smiles :)