Thursday, January 28, 2016

The new Bits and Bobs....

.......project for February was made available today.
Whatever you are be a good one.  -Abraham Lincoln
This is the project for February.  The kit sells for 28.00 which includes the pattern and the shipping cost.

Now I will share more of the needlework from Karen's home.  I now feel the desire to do cross stitch.  It is so traditional, and I find it speaking loud and clear to me. :-)

Isn't this a special piece?  I'd love one just like it.

This picture is deceiving.......this is a little bitty quilt with very small pieces.  This was purchased by Karen and it was absolutely sensational.  Every little detail was perfect.

Another favorite.....

......and this one too!

This one could easily be my favorite.....Teach us that we may feel the importance of every day ...of every hour as it passes.

.......I'm a bit perplexed, as this one is lovely too.

Perhaps you are also.  Beautiful!

I admired this reindeer with the branches for antlers, and a pine cone for his tail.

"Music is what feelings sound like."  -unknown


  1. You're provided so much inspiration in this post. It's good that we have so many choices, even though it does feel overwhelming at times.

  2. Treasured needlework throughout Karen's home! Just beautiful; it makes me want to get out my boxes of cross stitch from 30 years of stitching and start getting a few framed! Thank you so much for sharing

  3. I've so enjoyed looking at all the beautiful cross stitch.
    Well done Karen!

  4. Cross stitch is beautiful and also a wonderfully relaxing process... sure wish we could wring out more time from each day to stitch all that we love! :-) The February projects is awesome!