Monday, January 18, 2016

The sun is shining......

....and how glorious it is!  My daughter, Abbie and her husband Chad help in feeding the overflow folks from the homeless shelter on Sunday mornings. They invited me to help them, and we were so thankful that the sun shone warmly over all!  My assignment today was pans of corn bread, to accompany all of the pots of chili.  They also collect warm items of clothing, and today this nice gentleman saw a warm scarf while his hands were full of the food he chose from the he said, "Miss would you get me that scarf please, and wrap it around my neck.  When I did that, tucking it in around his neck, he said the nicest thing....."you remind me of my mother."  What a warm and loving comment!  Made me smile.
Bruce took this photo this morning of my Love Birds design....perfect for your table the month of February and beyond.  I have my warm clothes on ready to leave for the food assembly line.

We've been packing up quilts which will be traveling to France and Quilt Mania for the book they are doing.

I found this frame - hook deal on the closeout rack at Michaels....and it was calling my name.  I appliqued this little flower to put in the frame over the week end.

Kerry Green who attends one of the quilt groups I go to has made this stunningly beautiful quilt from a design created by Wendy Williams, from Australia. It is king size and will be on their bed.....what a joy to sleep under this beauty.  I believe you'd have to wake up inspired every morning.


Kerry's embellishment skills are amazing.





Debra brought her finished Love Birds quilt to share, and I'm happy she did, because it reminded me to get mine out.
"Train yourself to listen to that small voice that tells us what's important and what's not."  -Sue Grafton


  1. That incident in the food line will stick with you forever I'm sure. Brought me close to tears. Volunteer work is as good for the soul as is quilting. Thanks once again for the pictures.

  2. Superbe Love Birds design ! J'adore !

  3. Wow! Kerry Green's quilt took my breath away!