Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A New Quilt......

....in the making.
The design for this quilt has been floating around in the recesses of my mind for some time  So I cut a bunch of strips before I attended my last retreat as I knew I'd have some free time to sew.  And my idea has begun to take shape.  It is simply a nine patch that is framed in black and set on point.  Then I strip pieced the corners of the block.  In reality everything should match, but alas it does not. The strip piecing is not a perfect way to do things.....if the block were sashed the imperfection would not be noticed....however I love the secondary block that forms when the strip pieced corners come together to make a second design.   And, anybody that knows me, also knows that I believe perfection is highly over rated.
You will notice that there are messages hidden in the cloth.
Now, we are back to Road.  Notice again where all of the entries are from.  Also, the machine quilting is incredible.
I noticed that with this strip piecing, all of the strips do not match perfectly where they come together.  No doubt string pieced quilts were most likely utility type quilts.  They do end up being quite heavy because of the foundation fabric behind the strips.
This is a cute quilt I saw in a booth while passing by.
This quilt caught my eye in passing with all of the hundreds of other quilters!
So simple, but so charming! 
What I especially thought was charming with this quilt, was the variety in quilting designs.....hand quilted.
"Life can be a grindstone, and whether it grinds a man down or polishes him up depends on the stuff he's made of."
-Josh Billings


  1. All the quilt designs are a joy to look at, I love that you show them :)
    Your hidden message quilt is wonderful, such a lovely things to do.... Made me smile!
    So pleased I popped in today!
    Smiles :)

  2. Beautiful quilts! I especially love your new quilt. I agree that perfection is overrated on quilts. The fact that a quilt is made by hand is what makes it so unique and special!!

  3. I'm really enjoying these pictures from Road. Thank you for sharing them. Also love your new quilt coming together. Interesting design. Keep thinking I'll try some string piecing...maybe soon :-)

  4. Looks like the new design will be a beauty--love the hidden messages!

  5. I love the fact that the strip strings do not match perfectly. ..who wants to spend all their piecing time matching them up! I think it makes your new quilt fun and nonstressful

  6. Wow! Thanks for taking a photo of my "Pan Blacked Applique" quilt at Road 2 California. I had fun with that one!